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Free: Pocket Guide to Divorce in West Virginia

Posted by G. Wayne Van Bibber | May 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

I have spent the last 20 years helping people through one of the most painful experiences known to mankind. Divorce.

The Pocket Guide to Divorce in West Virginia
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During that time I have handled thousands of divorces and witnessed the pain and fear that everyone experiences during the process. As a person who has experienced the death of a loved one and a divorce, I believe divorce is often more painful. When a loved one dies, your friends and family gather around you and offer support. The healing process is natural and the pain is somewhat reduced with each day that passes.

In a divorce, the loyalty of friends and family is often divided and we lose crucial members of our support network. In addition, during a divorce your spouse can continue to inflict emotional pain on you for several months while the divorce drags on, essentially ripping the scab off each time you start to heal. This process causes grief-stricken clients to make bad decisions.

In the beginning, when I was a young attorney, I used to ask myself when I would get some “normal” clients. After going through my own painful divorce I finally understood. It is impossible to act normal when you feel like you are being ripped apart.

I have dedicated my career to helping my clients survive and thrive after divorce. Although divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating, a competent and caring attorney can get you through the process and make sure your legal rights are protected.

My “Pocket Guide to Divorce in West Virginia” is a brief summary of West Virginia Divorce law and my observations over the years. I am making it available to website visitors who sign up for our newsletter. Since you already receive my newsletter, you may access the book here:


  • Who May File In West Virginia?
  • In What County Do I File?
  • Should I Change My Name?
  • What Grounds For Divorce Should I Use?
  • What Is An Annulment?
  • How Will The Court Divide The Assets And Debts?
  • What About A Marital Business Or Professional Practice?
  • What Should I Do To Get Ready For A Divorce?
  • How Does The Court Determine Spousal Support/Alimony?
  • How Does The Court Determine Child Custody?
  • What Is A Parenting Plan?
  • What Are Parent Education Classes?
  • How Is Child Support Determined?
  • What Is Legal Separation and Separate Maintenance?

Please note, my “Pocket Guide to Divorce in West Virginia” is not intended as a substitute for legal counsel and I urge you to consult with an experienced lawyer before proceeding with a divorce. You can trust the full-service, statewide personal injury law firm who so many have trusted over the years: Law Offices of G. Wayne Van Bibber & Associates, PLLC in Hurricane. Our outstanding lawyers serve clients in greater Charleston, Teays Valley and throughout West Virginia. If we can be of any assistance, please call our offices at (304) 757-3330 to speak with one of our attorneys. CALL THE LAW OFFICES OF G. WAYNE VAN BIBBER & ASSOCIATES

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G. Wayne Van Bibber

Former Prosecutor, G. Wayne Van Bibber, has successfully served clients in Hurricane, Charleston, Huntington throughout the state of West Virginia for 25+ years. Aggressive Divorce and Personal Injury Attorney If you are going through a simple or complex DIVORCE, Wayne Van Bibber knows what's a...


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